About Us

legal-nurse-consultant-barbara-tateMy name is Barbara Tate and I am a Legal Nurse Consultant and founder of The Legal Nurse Network. This Network is comprised of a small group of people who are passionate about what a Legal Nurse Consultant has to offer and who are committed to getting them what they need to have the best chance to succeed. We offer:

  • Community
  • Security: File Storage, Hosting, Forum Security, Physical Security Products for your Electronics, etc.
  • Secure File Transfer which is CRITICAL!
  • Hosting
  • Websites
  • Effective Marketing: LinkedIn networking, Twitter, E-mail and others.
  • Resources: Archives; Expert Witness Directories; Research Sources, and all of the above!
  • Computer support with PC Maintenance, PC Troubleshooting and Repair, Program Installations and New Computer Set Up and Data Transfer

The Legal Nurse Network was created to give Legal Nurse Consultants (LNCs) a safe haven.  LNCs need a secured place to ask for help or advice as they begin their businesses, formulate business practices, and determine exactly what sort of services will be offered and seek new clients. As you network with other LNCs, you will find that it is amazing what you can learn and avoid from another’s mistakes. Also, those who have been in the business for awhile can get fresh ideas and alternate views from those starting out with fresh eyes. Join us today and learn how to put the pieces of your unique success puzzle together…

quartersizelogoWHERE’S THE GAVEL??

Go to any LNC’s website and you will usually see gavels, stethoscopes, scales of justice, courthouse steps or many stylized variations of the Caduceus medical symbol (snakes, staff and wings). I wanted something different.

When I was pushed to come up with a logo for the Legal Nurse Network, I tried to think about what this site was supposed to provide for the Legal Nurses. When I think of a Legal Nurse, I think of a medical expert with years of experience in a critical field who is attempting to enter another complicated field and grow.

Whether it’s growing a business, or growing and pushing the boundaries of who you are and what you can do-if you’re not growing, you’re stagnant. Growth is what sets our brains on fire, excites us and makes our lives passionate! And that is what our logo is supposed to symbolize: the growth of the Legal Nurse or Self Growth.

We’ll provide materials such as information on the HIPAA rules and regulations that you need to know and help you to stay compliant by providing secure file transfers and physical security as well. We’ll offer PC Clean Up and Tech Support for those who need it (Boy, did I!) We’ll also offer a wide range of services; from custom websites to marketing sites, from forums to expert directories, from expert effective SEO to article publishing and so much more.

At LNN, we’ll grow together!